Monday, December 22, 2008

Today's Hike

I did indeed make it out for a snowshoe hike this afternoon. Great walk, but sooo cold!!

8 degrees. Took several photos. I'll post a few of my favorites herein. It was sunny and bright, so the shadows were quite dominant and contrasting. Light and shadow are the artist's friends, you know.

You'll notice one photo in particular, with a dramatic play of light and shadow. The way the sun was bouncing off the rock and being hemmed in with the blue snow shadows,............ well, it just caught my eye. Beautiful!! And there's another shot that's literally framed in with tree trunks. I LOVE that one! It looks like a painting already. You'll notice that there are 4 trees shown, so in the interest of a more pleasing composition, I would probably add or delete a tree to arrive at an odd number grouping. But, I really like that shot, so I may have to paint something along that line, using the photo as a reference.

Since this was my first trek for the season, I was breaking new ground and it was a pretty demanding workout, actually. Should be a little easier next time, if I can keep the trail open.

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