Saturday, December 20, 2008

Great class today

I had a great group at the Oil class today. ( but then, I have a great group at every class )
It was at the Remington Museum in Ogdensburg and we painted "THROUGH THE WINDOW" Everyone did a fantastic job. As usual, every rendition was unique and beautiful in it's own right.
That's the best aspect of art, in general. Everyone has their own interpretation and style and their own personality will shine through, regardless of the given subject matter.
With the Holidays coming up, I didn't schedule any classes through that time, so I have a couple of weeks to kick back a little and work up some new ideas. ( both for class projects and for myself )
I've had this image in my head for the past several days, of.... Daffodils!!! Don't ask me why,.............maybe it's just because of the onset of Winter and I'm already longing for Spring.
Who really knows where inspiration comes from? It just shows up on your stoop and knocks on the door!
Anyway, if I get a chance to put this "vision" on canvas within the next few days, I'll include a photo herein.
Looks like another cold one tonight! And more snow tomorrow. I'll get those snowshoes out yet!

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