Sunday, March 28, 2010

Pet Portrait Commission

This is a very recent commission for a good friend of mine, who lost a beloved pet friend not too long ago. I have done many of these paintings over the years and I currently have more of them scheduled, which will be fit into my schedule when time permits.
These commissions have to be handled with attention to detail, respect and sensitivity, as they are a record meant to immortalize a dear friend and companion. Those of us who are true animal lovers and pet owners can relate to the deep bond we share with our "furry friends".
They are affectionate and loyal to a fault and only desire the same from us in return.
"Man's best friend is his dog" ( or cat, ferret, bird, whatever ) is one of the truest statements ever written.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

"Along the Beach" 8" x 10"

I felt like doing a seascape this morning, so this is the result. Actually, I had recently seen a backlit image somewhat similar to this, either in a magazine or somewhere ( I can't really remember, for sure ) and just worked by my memory of it. I really liked the contrast of the dark water against the light sky and it was stuck in my head 'til I finally laid it down here.

It's funny how some subjects will haunt you! lol Landscape today, still life tomorrow, floral the next day. It's ALL good and it's what keeps art interesting. Don't let yourself get into rut of creating the same thing.

I underpainted the water area with Purple and Black Acrylic, before laying Oils over the top. The underpainting really aids in the illusion of the water's depth.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

First "Plein Air" of 2010

It has been "unseasonably" warm here in northern New York the past several days. Temperatures in the 60's, which is practically unheard of for March. The forecast says we can plan on this break not lasting and we'll be back to reality next week.
Yesterday was a beautiful day, so I hauled out my travel easel and paints and headed out for something scenic to paint.
Pictured here is the result of my little field trip. This is a spot located just a very few miles down the road from me. With the snow melting and all the run-off, this spot was "percolating". Just rushing water! This is the view from the bridge, which is where I set up shop. It's a secondary road, so traffic is minimal and I managed to squeeze into a safer perch behind a guard rail.
Though most of the "ground snow" is gone now, there is still a lot of snow and ice around the river and nearby banks. This particular view is hemmed in with lots of evergreens and cedars and the sunlight that was bathing them resulted in some vivid greens. It was eye-catching and I couldn't have found a nicer spot to try and capture.
I got most of this down and recorded on the spot and finished the closer bark trees when I returned home.
I've been waiting all Winter to get out and do some painting, so this was a great opportunity for it. I hope the good weather holds on a little longer.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Newest Dvd Release

Jerry's Artarama has just released the second of several Oil Painting Dvd's, which I filmed for them last Spring.
"LAKESIDE BIRCHES" is now available through the Jerry's website ( ), as well as my own site,
More video lessons will be forthcoming, so check these sites for updates.

Thursday, March 4, 2010


One of the art instructor sites that I'm affiliated with has a monthly project, which is meant to be fun and to see the different interpretations that each of us submit. The theme for March is a tropical sunset scene.
It's no secret that sunsets are a favorite subject of mine, so I had to jump on this one!
This was done in about 3 hours on an 11"x14" panel. I used Cadmium Yellow Pale Hue, Cadmium Red Light Hue, Cobalt Violet, Ivory Black and Titanium White.
It'll be interesting to see the other unique variations of all the other participants.
That is the most wonderful aspect of art. Each and everyone of us is an individual and that fact will show through in our work, whether it's painting, music, writing, whatever.
Art literally knows no bounds. It can only be stifled by our lack of imagination, so it's important to keep those creative juices flowing!