Friday, December 26, 2008

Student Christmas Cards

I hope everyone had a great Christmas! Is it just me, or does it get even more hectic every year?

This year, several students had cards made from some of our painting projects. It's a great way to send a more "personal" greeting to family and friends.

Shown above are some of the cards I received. Note that some of them are not from my class, but unique designs created entirely by the individual. FANTASTIC!!

They were all beautiful! I also received traditional cards from several friends and students.

Many thanks to everyone.

I don't do much "card-sending" myself anymore, simply because I know sooo many people in so many different areas. My "student list" alone would consist of a few hundred people, so it would be impossible to reach everyone. And I'd feel badly to send out to a select few if I couldn't do so for everyone, so I hope you all understand.

We'll soon turn the corner to 2009. My plan is to do a little more plein air painting in the coming year. ( but, I say that every year lol )


Anonymous said...

I agree with your greeting card comment. I have made plenty of hand painted cards for friends and family. I have to post them on my blog :)


Wilson said...

They're great. Just such a personal touch.