Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New Work

Over the past few days, I've been inspired to do a few "wildlife" paintings. I truly DO love animals,.....all animals, so they are great subject matter for me. I haven't done many paintings just for me lately, so I've been enjoying the freedom to do so during this little hiatus from my class schedule. These renditions are simple compositions intended to make the particular animal subject stand out, so I didn't worry about a lot of background detail. I'm not a big fan of "busy" paintings, which in my eye, look too "cluttered". I prefer "short and sweet" and to the point.

These are all on 11"x14" canvas panel, with the exception of the geese, which are on a 12"x24" gallery-wrap stretched canvas. All are in Oils, but started with a "rough-in" of the animal with Acrylics. Oils were then painted over the top. I hope you enjoy them!


Bhavna said...

These are so lifelike! Very beautiful.

Wilson said...

Thank you for the nice comment!