Tuesday, December 23, 2008

New Snow Scene

Here's a painting I just did this afternoon. It's on a 12"x12" "gallery wrap" canvas with paintable edges, thus eliminating the need for framing. Plus, that format lends a much more 3-dimensional feel.

While it was inspired by my snowshoe trek yesterday, I didn't try to copy it exactly. The photo from my hike was way too complicated and busy to include every detail, so I went more for the "feel" and a pleasing composition.

Initially, I had planned to block in the larger areas with Acrylics, then layer Oils over the top. However, once I got started, it just felt right to continue with that medium, so it is entirely in Acrylics.

I have an upcoming display at the Canton-Potsdam Hospital and I think I'll include this one for that exhibit.


Anonymous said...

Wow...I love the depth to this work. Amazing. I plan on doing a 18"x40" piece based on a forest scene. More of a summer scene with green and yellows...wish me luck!! I haven't gone that big before :-/


Wilson said...

Well, from viewing all your other work, I'm sure you'll have no trouble "pulling it off".
It's fun to get your hands on a BIG canvas once in a while.


Anonymous said...

LOL thank you, I hope your right :)