Thursday, December 18, 2008

New Space for Classes and Display

Glenda and I recently had a building added to our property, which will be a work space to hold some classes and for her to do her portrait photography. It's only been completed for about 3 weeks and she's already had several "shoots" in it. We REALLY needed the extra room, so it's working out great. I had to install all the lighting fixtures, as well as track lighting, and a heating unit. I plan on holding some Watercolor classes here, starting in maybe late January. Folks have already been inquiring about it. I'll also display my paintings and her photos, as we often have people wanting to stop in and browse.


Interior Seas Blog said...

Your works are great as always. What a great addition. I can just see your new space full of students eager to learn from a great teacher!
Take care my friend,
Merry Christmas!
John Heinrichs

Wilson said...

Hi John,
Yes, we've been steadily outgrowing our previous space, so the extra room is quite a relief.
I still have my own work/studio space in the house where it's always been, but now Glenda has plenty of space to do her photography in the new building.
Before, whenever she had a photo-shoot, we'd have to re-arrange the furniture in my studio, set up her backdrops, then tear it all down again. Now, she can leave her stuff set up all the time and there's still room for me to hold a class. We're "not in each other's way" so much. lol
Have a great Holiday, John.