Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Teacup Floral

I've recently been kicking around some ideas for new class projects. Since I get a fair share of requests for florals, I've been thinking in that vein. After a little research, I noticed that a popular florist arrangement involves flowers in teacups. Quite a neat idea and one that I was not familiar with, but I thought it made for a good painting subject. My version ( shown here ) has been simplified to accomodate a 4-hour class time frame, but it got me thinking about a more elaborate rendition for the future. Just for one of my display pieces. Perhaps some gold edging or motif on the cup? Strengthening the colors with some glazing once the initial paint has dried? I think it would be a nice painting to play up the details.

We're headed to Albany this week-end, as I have two full ( actually, over-booked ) classes down there. 20+ students each day. Hopefully, the weather will behave so that it'll be a "go".


Mikes1024 said...

Hi Wilson, great job on "Teacup Floral". I'm currently struggling with clouds...after previously struggling with flowers....I'm getting there however as long as I don't expect too much. As far as detail on the cup...gold would be great..with some dark accents suggesting a pattern...just a thought. Michael

Wilson said...

I agree, Michael. The truth is that, in a class situation, we're always at the "mercy of the clock".
I try to squeeze in as much as we can in the allotted time. Since everyone works at a different pace, I pretty much have to "feel out" the group and proceed accordingly. However,it would only take a few minutes to add the aforementioned embellishments, so hopefully we'll be able to slide those in near the end. It would definitely add a lot to the overall painting.
You say you're working on improving your clouds? I don't know if you're aware of it, but I have some demo clips on youtube.
If you haven't already done so, check them out. www.youtube.com/wilsonbickford

Dion's Decorative Designs said...

Wilson, love the teacup floral. Really nice painting!