Wednesday, January 21, 2009

On the Trail

Glenda and I went snowshoeing on Monday afternoon, since she had the day "off". ( MLK Day )

We'd had new powder since the last hike, so we were breaking new ground again. Whew!!

It's definitely a great experience to get out and enjoy Nature. We took a few photos along the way.

I had my class in Amsterdam, N.Y. yesterday. ( Tuesday ) It makes for a long day as it's more than a 3-hour drive down there. So, in short, I left at 6:30am and returned home at 6:30pm, with about half of that being "travel time". But, I have a great group of folks down there and they're fun to hang with. I have another class scheduled there next month.

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Anonymous said...

Love your pics! Thanks for sharing!