Wednesday, January 7, 2009

More New Work

I have a couple more new pieces that I'll try to post tomorrow. One of chickadees on a birch tree and one of a bald eagle. I always photograph my work outdoors, because of the better lighting and better results. So, I'll try to snap them tomorrow and post them. It was impossible to do it today,......sleet, snow, freezing rain, name it, we had it.
Hopefully, the weather will be better this week-end, as I have 2 full classes in Albany. I'd hate to get "snowed out".
The word is that there are already 4 people signed up for the "Norman Rockwell workshop" in April, so that's a good start. That should be a great time and Glenda and I are looking forward to it.
Speaking of things to look forward to, our 2nd grandchild is due in about a month ( around February 9th ), so everyone's getting anxious now. It's supposed to be a girl this time, though it's not 100% certain just yet. Time wil tell, as the say.

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