Thursday, January 22, 2009

"Final Delivery"

I've been kicking around some ideas for possible painting projects for future classes. Although I've done some "old trucks" before, I liked the thought of an old delivery-type of vehicle.

Scenes from "yesterday" and bygone eras are always popular subject matter. Remember when............?

This one is titled, "FINAL DELIVERY" and will be a 6-hour workshop. The truck is underpainted with Burnt Sienna and Mars Black acrylic, over which oil glazes and highlights are applied. A little drybrushing really enhances the "rusty" texture.


Queen*B Studio said...

I love this, and so would half of my uncles who dig cars and trucks...classic.

Wilson said...

Yeah, I think everyone has an uncle or two like that. lol
Actually, I no longer have any living uncles, but they were "vehicle enthusiasts" back in their day. They always had some good stories.
I really like to do these "days gone by" type of themes. It seems that everyone can relate to it in one way or another.
Thanks for checking in, Dawn.

Queen*B Studio said...

Always a pleasure Wilson! :)