Friday, May 1, 2009

More YouTube Lessons

About 2 and a half weeks ago, I filmed some new lesson clips for YouTube. It's been a year since I posted the first segments ( Holy Cow, A YEAR??!! ), so I thought I'd better get some new ideas out there. My "production people" tell me that they are nearly finished with the tweaking and editing and the new lessons should be up and running this week-end.

The response has been tremendous since those first lessons went "on-air" and I've had feedback and requests for advice from literally all over the world. Australia, Morrocco, Spain, Italy, China, Russia, nearly any place you could imagine. ( not to mention the good 'ol USA , of course ) I guess I was naive when those were first posted as I had NO idea how far reaching they would be. The Internet truly puts you in touch with the whole world. One thing I've noticed ( but I knew it all along anyway ) is that Art, ( as well as music ) is the universal language. The global response through YouTube is evidence of that. I feel fortunate that I can be a part of that and I also feel a sense of satisfaction that I have had a positive impact on fellow artists in regions of this planet that I'll never see. Bill Alexander's vision was "teaching the world to paint" and I feel I am helping him accomplish that in my own small way.

For the new clips, log on to


Nic said...

I enjoyed those new clips Wilson; extra kudos on the "dew drops". I'll have to try that!!

Wilson said...

Very easy. The trick is in not letting them get "milky" or cloudy. Use very little paint and let a lot of the background show through, which yields the "transparent" quality.