Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Free Video Lessons are now On-Line

Jerry's Artarama has already started posting some of my Free Art Lessons that I filmed with them last week. So far, there are 7 up and running, with several more to follow within the next few days. Check back at their site for updates. It'll be a few weeks before the full-length Dvd's will be available for purchase.


Anonymous said...

Hey Wilson!

Love the instructional vids. They are always helpful. Whenever I watch you paint I'm always sqirming at how quickly you get the paint down. I keep wondering how you don't mess it up lol. I paint sloooow because of the fear of screwing up!! You just flit that brush and paint around and Voila! Beautiful work. :)


Wilson said...

Well, I've been at it a long time. The reality is that I pretty much paint every day. If I'm not painting at a class, I'm either working up new class projects, doing commissions or painting just for myself. Plus, I know that I can fix it if I mess up, so that takes all the fear away. lol

Anonymous said...

LOL! I guess it comes with experience. :) I guess I have to be patient!