Friday, April 24, 2009

Bird Habitat Sign Commission

A short while back, I was asked to create a painting for a future "bird habitat" at The Nature Center, which is affiliated with Robert Moses State Park in Massena, N.Y.

The Center hosts many different programs and is a popular "field trip" destination for a great many area schools. They also provide residence for many animals, such as various birds, fish, ferrets, an iguana (named "Iggy" ) and a marvelous blue & gold macaw (named "Axel" ).

Many critters roam their grounds and geese, raccoons and deer are all common sights while visiting there.

This painting will be "scanned" and reproduced for a "sign" which will be permanently mounted at the beginning of the habitat trail. Since the management knows of my work and the fact that I do many bird paintings, I was their first choice for this request. ( The bonus is that they specifically asked for Black-Capped Chickadees, and they are just about my favorite bird to paint! )

I was honored to be asked and very happy to do it. The Nature Center is a great place which provides a lot of beneficial services, both for animals in need and for the public, so I had no hesitation whatsoever.

This painting is in Oils and I worked in several stages, letting the layers dry in-between. I also used gessoed masonite as a surface, since the texture of canvas would show noticeably upon reproduction and I wanted to be able to render the cleanest, finest detail possible.

Though it'll be quite some time before the sign is manufactured, I am anxiously waiting to see the end result!


Anonymous said...

Congrats!!! They are my favorite kind of bird. :) I think its the call they make that made me like them when I was a kid lol.


Mary Danboise said...

This is gorgeous Wilson! Thanks so much for being an important part of this project. The funders have a very spiritual connection with the Chickadees as well as the White Birch - they will think this is perfect!

DAWN KOH said...

Fantasic artwork i must say!And i certainly have alot to learn from you. Thank you for sharing all the valuable knowledge of your expertise! :)