Sunday, May 10, 2009

Filming Videos for JERRY'S ARTARAMA

A few months ago, I received an offer from Jerry's Artarama ( ) to come to their headquarters in Raleigh, North Carolina to film some instructional Dvd's. The video production was expertly handled by Burning Oak Studios.

Glenda and I flew down there last week and I completed 4 full-length lessons and about 15 or so ( I lost count ) Free Art Lessons for them. The Free Lessons will be shown on their website.

The Dvd's ( 3 in Oils, 1 in Watercolor ) will be sold under their WORLD OF ART series heading and will be available at their retail stores ( 15 locations ), their mail-order catalog and their on-line site. It was and is a great opportunity and I appreciate their invitation to work with their company.

Special thanks to the film crew; Robert King, April Tolliver and Greg De Deugd for making it light-hearted and fun while doing a first class job.

Also, many thanks to Michael Goldstein and Ryan Chamberlain for making it possible to begin with.

It's my understanding that the Free Lessons will be posted in the very near future, while the Dvd's will be a few weeks in production and manufacturing, before becoming available. As more information comes forth, I'll update the details on this blog, as well as my website. ( )


Anonymous said...

That's great Wilson! Jerry's is my #1 art supply store. LOL they get a lot of my money. I order from them online and I also take trips to their Nashville, TN store.

Wilson said...

They took me through their store in Raleigh. I was like a kid in a candy store! lol So much stuff!
It inspires you just to be around so many art supplies! lol

Anonymous said...

Congrats Wilson!! You are one busy dude lately, hard work pays off! Talk to ya soon.


Wilson said...

Thank you, Dawn. Busy doesn't really come close to describing it, but when opportunity knocks on your door, you'd better answer.
Actually, I get pretty bored if I'm not "right out straight", so my hectic pace fits me nicely.