Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Some Recent Work

Here are a couple of paintings that I've done over the past couple of days. Both utilized some Acrylic underpainting, but are essentially "Oil paintings".

The sunflowers were started yesterday and finished today. I had added Alkyd medium to the Oils to speed the drying, so that it was virtually dry over-night. That made it easy to glaze and brighten the final highlights this morning.

The barn was tackled in the same way, Acrylics underneath with Oils over the top. The difference is that I was able to get the amount of detail I desired without having to wait for it to dry, so it was all done in one sitting.

I use this approach quite often, (more and more, it seems ) and it is one of my favorite ways to work. It eliminates a lot of the drying time associated with Oils and literally cuts the "working time" in half.

Acrylics, Alkyds and Oils,....................... is that mixed-media? And does that matter? Not to me. It's still predominantly 90+% Oils, so I still call it an Oil painting.

All I know is that it works great for my style and work pace.


alm_kee said...

Wilson, both are lovely paintings! I like the darkness behind and around the sunflowers. It really brings them out...along with the reflections below them. Painting with the Acrylics underneath does seem to be a real good way of achieving things. You are able to really do paintings fast and they look so nice.

I'm glad you shared about having the articles written at Jerry's Artarama. It was real touching reading about "Billy." I was introduced to art as a kid in hopes that the art would solve "behavioral problems." It is great that you reach out to so many people through your art Wilson.

Wilson said...

Hi Amy,
Thanks for the kind words. Many people have commented on those sunflowers. ( I have it posted on another "instructor" site ) I try to make sure every painting has some good strong darks in it, because that's what makes the lighter values so dramatic. It's ALL about contrast!
I did notice that you left comments on my SPLATTER entries, so I want to let you know that I answered you there. The display said, "Your comments will be posted upon approval", so I guess they have to screen me first! lol

Anonymous said...

Hey Wilson!

These are great, I really like the sunflower painting. The POP of the blue really sets it off. :) no new yet about the greetings but its all good. I'm gonna go paint now! Working on a piece for someone...lemons in a bowl. It takes me soooo long to get motivated on work like that LOL. Hopefully it turns out!


alm_kee said...

lol (at getting screened), ok Wilson, thanks for answering back.

Lisa said...

They are beautiful, I really love mixed makes such a difference. Great job :-)

Wilson said...

Thank you, Lisa. It definitely makes the whole process easier.

hanooody said...

It is good to have such creative artist these days ... I am from Kuwait and I am admirable in these great paintings ... Good and great job :D

Wilson said...

Thank you, Hanooody!