Saturday, January 9, 2010


This is a painting from a couple of days ago. Although it's in Oils, it started with a toned canvas using a blue-gray Acrylic gesso. ( like my previous post, "WINTER STREAM" )

Being an animal-lover, I can always find an excuse for rendering a magnificent creature such as this.

The challenge here was getting enough contrast and definition because essentially it's a white subject on a white background. The blue-gray snow shadows and the "off-whites" of the bear were all adjusted until the bear popped out from the background. There are not a lot of darks in this painting and it is what's referred to as a "high key" painting.

Every painting presents it's own set of challenges and the artist has to study, analyze, tweak and adjust it until evertything falls into place.


alm_kee said...

Hi, That's a very realistic looking bear and I think you did a fantastic job with getting the bear to stand out from all the snow. I bet there was a lot of adjusting. I've never heard of a high key painting before. I agree with about each painting having it's own challenges.

Currently, I'm trying some of your submerged rocks and also the regular rock techniques in a stream / river that I have in a cabin oil painting.

Wilson, thank you for all that you share. Your polar bear painting is real good. It's nice to see how you deal with challenges. I look forward to comming here to your blog and seeing what you've been painting. Amy

Wilson said...

Thanks, Amy. I like keeping in contact with fellow artist friends, too.

Unocchio Vecchiaccio said...

I agree with your other supporters ... thanl you very much for sharing your work and the thought process in developing your paintings. The Polar bear and the Stream are soooo good.

Wilson said...

Thanks, Maurice! You're too kind!

Anonymous said...

She's a beauty Wilson, your animal paintings really do reflect your love of forgot her Coca Cola bottle though!! ;) LOL...I love those commercials! Keep sharing these works, they are great!


Wilson said...

Maybe a brandy bottle would be more appropriate, eh? Just to chase the chill, mind you! lol

Anonymous said...

LMAO!! Yeah, isn't that the truth eh?