Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My Signature Brush Line

My Signature Brush Line is now on order and is currently being manufactured. Shown above is the packaging for the Complete Set. All items will be sold individually, as well.
These items should be available within the next 90 days, give or take. You'll be able to purchase them at all Jerry's Artarama stores, their catalogs and at and
Eventually, I will also set up a "store" on my website, once ALL of the product line is in. My Signature line will be a complete array; Paints, Mediums, Brushes, Palette, Canvas, Frames, Easel, etc.
My Canvas Panels and Bickford Bevel Edge Canvases are already available at the aforementioned sources ( see above )
I'm very pleased to offer my Signature Line.


Matthew Gauvin said...

looks great! I've been working in watercolors a lot lately but when I get back into oils or acrylics I'll be sure to search out your products.

Anonymous said...

Woot!! Awesome Wilson!!! Send that collection my way! lol, Curry's art store can use your collection in Canada :)

Bevie said...

I can't wait to get some of your items...definately need your painting brushes. Thanks for sharing!!!