Friday, September 24, 2010

New Wildlife Works

Here are a couple of paintings I've done in the past 2 days. I'm in one of my "wildlife moods", so that's what comes out when I sit down at the easel.

I'll hang on to these to display them at our Open House next month.

"BENGAL TIGER" 11" x 14" - Oils

"GREAT BLUE HERON" 9" x 12" - Oils


Anonymous said...

Wwwwow! These are beautiful!!

Amy said...

Your mind sure has some interesting things in it...keep them coming.

7466309chang said...

Hello very good for you.I don,t know a thing about blogging,try to figure how to prase you for such great job.I draw some scribbles no school.I don,t have a clue how to put it up.But I enjoy yours so inspiring.No school in my future.Fun that all.

Hamidullah said...

hello MR Bickford, i am very happy to comment on you and you painting, your paintings were so beautiful and amazing, keep it on. i had a request from you, i saw your oil paintings but there was seldom water color painting, i want you to put your oil paintings learning or make a class. i will be very happy about that.
i am 3rd year student of Fine Arts Faculty studing the Painting Department, and i want to learn more and more.

Hamidullah OIGHON
Kabul Afghanistan