Friday, September 24, 2010

Bald Eagle

What can I say? I'm in my "wildlife mode"!!

"EAGLE EYE" Oil 9" x 12"


Anonymous said...

LOL, yes you definitley are! Another great piece, I really like the backgrounds too :)

Arthur said...

Wow! How do you make feather's look so real.That is great.Arthur

Amy said...

I can just look and look & see so much thought and care that went into creating this and your other paintings. It requires quite a bit of knowledge about your subjects in order to make them look so real. The eyes on this one look like they are looking right at you.

Wilson said...

It's just all in using good reference photos, Amy. If I can "see" it, I can "paint" it. I find images on the 'net, in magazines, all over. I don't blatantly copy them, but use them to get the anatomy and structure of my subjects as close to "real" as I can.