Friday, July 16, 2010

New Paintings

Here are three new works from the past few days. The sunset/water scene ( 8" x 10" ) is a very simple composition, but I liked the colors in the actual reference photo and had to re-create it. It's a scene from a friend's vacation in Greece. Wish I'd been there myself!

The windmill ( 12" x 12" ) was put together from various images and my imagination. I did all the background first, then had to let it dry before rendering the mill. However, I used Liquin with my Oils, so it was dry over-night.

The winter barn ( 10" x 20" ) was all done with my imagination. I haven't done a snow scene for several months, so I was hoping this would be some sort of "good luck charm" and it would help to turn the tide from our current heat wave. Hey, I can DREAM, can't I?


alm_kee said...

Wilson, I love them...especially the windmill scene. You do wonders with the colors and feel of the sky too.

I'm so glad you are staying busy with the painting---and have time for it too.

I think after looking at your paintings, I'm going to go and start a new painting.

Keep up the wonderful work.

Wilson said...

Thanks, Amy. I've had a good stretch of painting sales recently, so I try to "replace" the sold ones with something new.
I'm glad you've been inspired. I'd love to see your finished painting.

Anonymous said...

Hey Wilson,

These are all great, the first one is my fav of the three :) Looks like a real sun!! I find it hard to paint the sun, you'd think it would be easy but slappng yellow down does not make it look realistic LOL! Its hard to not make it look cheesy. I've been keeping busy with painting fall scenery LOL, its cool enough but not as chilly as winter ;) I'll leave the snow up to you for now. Hope all is well! Keep cool!


Wilson said...

Yeah, I've been eye-balling my snowshovel and snowblower in the garage the past month, or so. Thinking how great it would be to use them! LOL ( have I mentioned I hate the humidity? )
Here's a hint for your sun. Don't paint it yellow. Paint the actual sun straight white and use the yellow for the glow/aura around it. It'll be much more intense and realistic.

Anita said...

hey there!

Your paintings are really amazing.