Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Fresh Off The Easel

I'm not sure what brought it on, but I've been in a painting frenzy these past couple days. The weather here is extremely humid and in the 90's, so there's nothing else to do but paint, I guess.

All I know is that when inspiration does hit, I have a one-track mind. Nothing gets in my way until my vision is ( visions are ) realized on canvas.

I did these 3 paintings starting yesterday morning and finishing this afternoon. These all contain some Acrylic underpainting with Oils on top, so I guess they'd be considered "mixed media".

As I've stated on this site previously, this approach is my favorite way to work and speeds the whole process, yet allows me to get the degree of detail I'm looking for.

These are all on Gallery Wrap canvas.

"Monarch Butterfly" - 8"x10"

"Soaring High" - 12"x12"

"Yellow Roses" - 12"x12"


Anonymous said...

These are great Wilson. I especially love the butterfly one! Very summer-y!


Wilson said...

Well, it's definitely Summer-y here today! 92 degrees! Whew, TOO HOT!
And thanks for your feedback, Dawn! lol

Anonymous said...

Same here buddeh! I was wearing all black today for work and was dying of the heat!!! Unless I'm in Mexico on a beach with a drink in my hand I can live without this hot stuff LOL!

Wilson said...

Maybe painting a snow scene will cool me off? It can't hurt, right?

Anonymous said...

Good idea! I was thinking of that today. Time for another cold snap piece LOL. Only did two!

alm_kee said...

Wilson, I'm so glad you followed your painting mood and let it flow. You did some real beautiful work,...and in short order too. Thank goodness for A/C and indoor studios. :-)

I just got through working on a forest stream painting, but, I'm not sure I like how it turned out...more to explore and learn I guess. I even reviewed your free art lesson on how to paint believable rocks and that did help out some. I just wish I had reviewed it sooner while working on this particular painting.

I plan on sharing your rescent work with a couple of people who also admire what you paint. Thanks for sharing Wilson,

Unocchio Vecchiaccio said...

Paintings is in the air, Willy.. as always... great work!
I see you are doing some of the smaller ones.... small ones are fun too.
I have been on a painting kick, too.... must be the aleignment of the planets got to us.
Unfortunately we can not keep up with you in the weather dept ... 83 here today... relative humidity = 22..... will drop 20-30 degrees during the night so that we can sleep well .... we are well taken care of here :-)

Wilson said...

Thanks, Amy. I'm glad to hear you're still keeping your brushes busy! Tell your friends they can join me on Facebook, too.

Wilson said...

Yes, Maurice, I've been in a small canvas mood for the past few months actually. I always worked bigger, but you're right, the smaller ones are great fun, too. Glad to hear you're still being creative, as well.
I WISH it would cool down here. It's 11pm right now and still 80 degrees. And HUMID! Thank goodness for the bedroom AC!

Wilson said...

I really wish the idiot who keeps posting his Asian porn site on this blog would knock it off. I just keep deleting it, buddy, so it's a waste of your time. Not to mention mine.

Anonymous said...

LMAO!! He must be really desperate for website hits Wilson :p There is nothing worse than and idiot lingering around blogs to advertise junk!

Anyways happy painting! Enjoy the weekend.


achala nupur said...

I am again amazed by the lovely paintings....u feel so close to nature just by looking at them.......... wonderful !!

i found myself starring "those" for long....! :)

Happy painting Mr Wilson; u are an inspiration... :)

:) Loved ur creations.....