Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Knife Paintings

Here are a couple of smaller paintings I did today, using only painting knives. Sometimes, I like to approach things with a looser style and forgo some of the finer details.

The knives always yield a more impressionistic result.

I also tend to use brighter colors when I paint this way, since I'm trying to achieve something not quite so "literal". It's fun to push the envelope a little.

If you're in a painting rut, or itching to do something different, give this knife approach a try.

Just have fun with it and see what develops!


Anonymous said...

Oooo very nice work! Yay for new paintings LOL!

Unocchio Vecchiaccio said...

Willie you have out-done yourself again.... I love it!

achala nupur said...

Yes....i too agree !!
its stunning as usual...

the paintings have a beautiful FEEL attached to them...cant't keep myself from starring in awe....!!!

Wish YOU all the BEST !!~~~
u rock :)

Wilson said...

Thanks, everyone!