Friday, December 4, 2009

Updated Photo

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, I was intending to take a better photo of the roses under more favorable lighting conditions. I did a retake earlier this afternoon and I feel this one does the painting more "justice". At least, much more clarity and a truer reprsentation of the actual work. ( I also added a leaf on the table, but that was the only change. )
I just did the barn scene this morning. ( "WINTER MOOD" ) I felt like creating something, but didn't want to get into a piece that was too involved. I had a couple of hours to kill and wanted to paint just for fun! This one is on a 1-1/2 thick Gallery Wrap canvas ( 9" x 12" ). With the exception of some Fan Brush spatter to suggest the falling snow, it was rendered entirely with painting knives.
I swear the more I use those knives, the more I like them. It's all just a matter of what you're used to and comfortable with and I'm getting quite confident with them now.
Actually, I'm considering using this one as the theme for our Christmas cards, but I'd better get moving on it. Only 3 weeks left !!


Matthew Gauvin said...

This barn painting is extraordinairy work!! I'm a huge fan of texture and areas which incorporate tons of color into shadows and lights. I'm not sure if I would feel the same if I saw the piece in person but it deffinetly looks great at this size anyway. I think you know what I mean by that. Painting knives are things I love to paint with and often I like work I've done with them but I can't get over the feeling that others won't liek the painting. Of course I tend to spend lots of time doing art to please other people as a children's book illustrator. I think you have inspired me to pick up the painting knives again the next chance I get.

Wilson said...

I know what you mean. Since it's a much looser style, it makes you wonder if other people will "get it". Personally, I love the texture and I usually go a little bolder with the colors in this approach. It just yields an interesting interpretation. ( at least, to me )
I'd love to see what you come up with when you get your knives going again.

Anonymous said...

Hey Wilson,

Great floral! And of course the winter scene is wonderful. Perfect for a greeting card. I paint my own for holidays etc too. Have you had any snow yet? Our weather channel keeps calling for it but when the day rolls around nothing happens :) Not that I want any yet lol.


Wilson said...

Hi Dawn,
We've had a couple flakes here and there, but nothing like we should have for this time of year. Still bare ground and I'm loving it.
Hey, it'll just make the Winter go by quicker, right?

alm_kee said...

You are getting real good with the knives, and I'm sure that feels great. I would think the knife painting was difficult, but, you make it look easy. The roses are lovely too, especially in the 2nd picture. I hope you get your cards done. Take care Wilson, Amy

Wilson said...

Thanks, Amy!