Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Release of my Book

I had a class today ( 10am - 2pm ), so I returned back home much later this afternoon. I was very pleased to find a package at my door containing two copies of my upcoming book, "WILDLIFE LANDSCAPES YOU CAN PAINT" ( Acrylic medium ).
Although I knew I'd receive advance copies, I didn't know exactly when. It is scheduled for world-wide release on or around April 9th.
It has been nearly two years ( 23 months to be exact ) from the time I first received the offer until this point. It took a lot of work, thought and effort ( as well as anxiety and worry ) but at this moment, it was all well worth it. At times, it seemed it would never get here!
Although I have seen the text and photos during the "author reviews", it is quite different ( and much more exciting ) to see it in it's finished form.
I have been very fortunate to gain this opportunity. It was dumb luck and chance that NorthLight Books ( F + W Publishing ) even stumbled across my website in the first place. For that, and to them, I am deeply grateful, indeed.
Soon, I will be posting details on my site regarding the purchase of the book. It will be available on my site, at my classes and at major bookstore retailers world-wide. Currently it can also be ordered at amazon.com as a "pre-order" at a substantial savings over the bookstore price. It is also available at several other on-line book sources.


Anonymous said...

Congrats Wilson! Looks like I best be getting myself a copy!! :)) Cant wait to see it!


Anonymous said...

This is wonderful Wilson! I know you are very excited. I will also be getting one of these! (:

Wilson said...

Yes, I'm excited, but more than anything I'm just still surprised at it all. This opportunity literally fell into my lap. With all the art books I've bought through the years, I surely never dreamed I'd be writing one of my own.

Nic said...

Congrats, buddy! If it's released on April 9, I KNOW it will be a best-seller!! (That's my birthday, LOL!) I'm excited for you and excited to see it :-)

Anonymous said...

Just pre-ordered your book...can't wait!

Wilson said...

Thanks, Christy. I hope you like it!

Barbara said...

Hi Wilson, Congratulatons on your new book being released, I am pre-ordering mine today.. Also hoping you don't leave the Albany area, I was schedualed in the May class, and recieved a call you had to change it untill June, I will be in Republic MO 05/31-06/06. hope I can make Sundays class .. Best wishes to you. Barbara

Wilson said...

Hi Barbara,
Thank you for ordering the book. I hope you enjoy it.
I have some business ( which I'll be disclosing here soon - stay tuned ) in North Carolina the first week of May, so I had no choice but to reschedule my Albany classes to June. I hope you can at least make the Sunday class, too!

Bhavna said...

Wow! Your excitement is contagious. Many congratulations to you!