Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Instructional Packets

I've been busy creating some new Oil Painting Packets over the past week, or so. Since I've had a break from my class schedule over the Holidays, it gave me a chance to put together a few more lessons.

These are all suitable for beginner / intermediate skill levels, with the "Classic Still Life" being the most challenging. ( at least in my opinion )

You'll find more info and details for purchasing at my website;


Amy said...

Oh boy, more packets....yay! You must stay very busy. I'm so glad you squeezed in some time for more lessons. It sure is nice to learn from you. I'll have to purchase some of these when I'm all through with medical deductibles and such. Thanks for creating them.
Take care,

Unocchio Vecchiaccio said...

Nice job, Willy.
Have a happy and properous new year

Jackie Berg said...

Hi Wilson, thank for making me a friend on facebook, love your paintings. Quick question, do you have any tips regarding painting wet on wet with acrylics, I love the quick drying of them BUT have so much trouble blending. Thanks your imput would be much appreciated. (Used your tips on sun rays for my latest painting worked well I think, if you want to check it out visit paintings for sale, moonlit sea.
Thanks Jackie

Jackie Berg said...

PS, the photo makes the painting a bit bluer than it really is, lol

Wilson said...

Hi Jackie,
I just checked out your site. You have some AWESOME work there!
As for blending Acrylics, I go into depth on that topic in my book. But, just touch on the main points here;
* Mist your canvas lightly with a spray bottle of water
* Use a good quality ( heavy bodied ) White Gesso and apply it to your canvas to blend your background into ( I prefer Winsor/Newton brand )
* You can add a "retarder" to slow the drying down, but I don't use them. Practice and experience will make blending easier.

Jackie Berg said...

Hi Wilson, thanks for that info will try it and see what happens, will get your book when I have a few more $ in the bank. Appreciate the help

juliaruffleswildlife said...

Incredible watercolour techniques! so mesmerising, I'm happy to have found your blog :) Jules

christina ross said...

love Wilson Beckford's sunrays they are in oils so Wilson would I apply the same technique with acrylic only using a medium suitable for acrylics?

Christina ross