Friday, November 19, 2010

Winter Mode

This one was created solely with painting knives.

Ol' Man Winter is sneaking into northern New York and although we've had a couple of very small flurries already, there's been nothing substantial. No ground cover yet!

However, it has gotten me into "Winter Mode" and I've been tackling snow scenes at the easel, as of late. Though I'm not really a big fan of snow, I DO love to paint it!

And I DO really enjoy hiking on my snowshoes behind my home, taking in all the sights of the snow-laden trees, the birds flitting about and the cool blue snow shadows draped across the land. It looks like it'll be a while yet though, before we have enough of an accumulation for that.

These are some paintings I've done over the past couple of weeks, in anticipation of Ol' Man Winter's impending arrival.


Amy said...

Ahh, you have gotten in the winter mode. It's nice that you have such beautiful memories to pick from when doing a painting. I especially like the knife painting you did. tc, Amy

Wilson said...

Thanks, Amy! I did that one just for fun, really, but now my students are all asking to do it, too. So, it looks like it'll become a "class project".
By the way, I just posted some new YouTube lessond yesterday, if you're interested.

Amy said...

That's wonderful that you've added more YouTube lessons. Just the last 2 nights, I was watching some of your lessons as a refresher. I will definitely go and search for the new ones. That's exciting. tc Wilson,...Amy

TheAL said...

These are breathtaking. The details and the light shining on the pond in the first painting are just amazing!

Wilson said...

Thank you, TheAL.

Anonymous said...

These are wonderful Wilson! I better break out the paintbrushes...its almost Christmas Eek!!!  Love the paintings above too, colour always gets my attention 

Duska said...

Dear Wilson,
Your paintings are beautiful and amazing.
I hope we will see many more of your fantastic work and web lessons.
I wish you all the best.
br, Duska

Minie81 said...

J'admire votre travail, je viens de visualiser une vidéo sur le net. Merci et Bravo