Friday, August 13, 2010

A Unique Format

I recently ordered some "odd" sized canvases to try out. Not that they're necessarily odd, but just a different format than what I'm used to. Sometimes, it's nice to bust out of the "same-old, same-old" rut by trying something you haven't before.

Working on a different surface, whether it's long and panoramic such as this one, or oval, round, or with wrapped "paintable" edges, will make you see things with a new eye and allow you to explore a little.

This one made me think a lot more about the basic composition due to it's long, narrow design.

The trick was to make it full enough, so there were no empty gaps. In the end, I think it works.

Untitled - Oils -12" x 36" Gallery-Wrap Canvas


Unocchio Vecchiaccio said...

I like it...I Like it! I am going to try it..squeezing a broad panorama onto any other size makes a totally different picture
thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

This is amazing Wilson, love the dimensions of this piece. The scenery is perfect!


Amy said...

This is an excellent painting and you worked with the size of the canvas and didn't let it work you. I bet that painting will receive great interest in your Home Art Gallery/Studio...if it even lasts on the wall. Your color choices in the painting are surpurb. I'm all excited and now want to see more of the unusual shaped canvases after you've done your magic to them. tc Wilson,.....Amy

The Accessory Lady said...

It's absolutely beautiful! I especially love the touches of purple on the landscape.

Wilson said...

One of my favorite color combinations is violet and green. I just think it adds a lot of "richness" to a landscape!

Rubal said...

wow!!!Amazing work.Just love the combination of colours.You have captured the nature so